For tiny humans with big heart and dreams

At tinys, we understand that keeping your baby feeling safe and comfortable is a constant worry for you, we mindfully created timeless pieces that are safe and gentle even on the most delicate skin. We are committed to celebrating life, and aspire to make the highest quality baby clothing to our best abilities. 

Your Impact

Every choice we make as a consumer, or parent, will have an impact on our environment and our children. Tinys was brought to life with the belief that wanting the best for your child doesn't have to cost the earth or the people who make them. We are in a significant position to reduce our environmental impacts and protect the people involved in making our clothes. Beyond that, we inspire children to grow and develop to their fullest potentials, without the interference of allergies or sensitivities. 

We care for the one who wear it and make it

Most of our pieces are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, the gold standard for organic fibre processing. To have met these standards, it means that the garments you have purchased for your child is made of cotton from an organic farm that meets crop standard for food. It is also knowing that the people who are part of the processing were not exposed to unnecessary chemicals, nor were there any forms of forced/child labour. 
Most importantly, with thousands of herbicides, pesticides and chemicals out of the equation, you can rest assured knowing that you have clothed your child the best way possible.