[ SAMPLE SALE -GRADE B ] Organic Cotton Bunny Hooded Towel

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Clearance Sale happening now for our Organic Cotton TowelūüĖ§

Our¬†clearance¬†sale include these brand new¬†towels with imperfection that are still usable, safe and gentle on babies' delicate skin ūüćɬ†We've grouped these towels according to the condition and appearance of the fabric into 3 grades. We thank you for giving them a second life through repurposing for various purposes, such as using them as handkerchiefs, cleaning cloths, or any other creative ways you may find.

Grade A- Sold out

Grade B- Small to medium sized stains (we don’t recommend to get grade B as a gift )

Grade C- Sold out


This snuggly soft, kids' towel is made of Terry Cotton (GOTS Certified) is super lightweight, absorbent and safe for babies. The certified baby-safe terry cotton is gentle against delicate skin, and completely safe for even the smallest of babies. It is the perfect towel to carry with you whenever you travel around and don't want to carry big towels too. The best part is that the towel is not just cute; it's also practical! The hood fits comfortably when you want to keep hair out of faces, or ears warm after bath time, or can be tossed on as a bunny cape while playing outside. 

  • Made¬†from 100% GOTS certified organic terry cotton
  • Made in India
  • 90cm x 90cm, piped edge
  • Durable and hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for the tender skin of babies and children
  • Quick-drying,¬†super absorbent and cozy
  • Sewn-in hook loop¬†for easy drying
  • Large enough¬†for 0-5 years old growing toddlers and kids.
  • Not included gift box & cotton pouch.¬†